What is Lifestyle Photography?

Gotta love some Photography jargon! You’ve seen me say it all over my website “Courtney Blury – Lifestyle Photographer,” but what does that even mean? If you’re here then there’s something that has caught your attention about my photography. It probably has a little something to do with the Lifestyle Photography style by which I abide! Simply put, Lifestyle Portrait Photography is an intersection of documenting real life moments, and touches of natural stylising and direction. Here are a few little features of this style which differentiate it from others:

1. Not your Traditional Family Photos

When you think of getting professional photos you may think of standing super straight, “Smile at the Camera” and say “Cheeseeeee”. That’s not quite how we are going to roll. You’re going to get the chance to relax a little. During the session you will get to Focus on What Truly Matters – the ones you love! It will be less about looking at the camera and more about looking at those you love. It’s about making memories and forgetting the camera is even there, and having so much fun!

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2. Focus on Connection

Lifestyle Portrait Photography is emotive and showcases the connection you have with your loved ones. You will notice that props aren’t used, even in Newborn & Baby sessions so that they don’t detract from the main attraction – that is you.

3. Prompted, not Posed

Movement is a key ingredient to Lifestyle Photography and to achieve that I will direct you with some fun and easy prompts. These are a great way of guiding you throughout your session. Instead of asking you to ‘rotate your chin 45 degrees to the right and put your left hand on your hip’ I may ask you to do something like ‘give your baby an Eskimo kiss,’ or ‘hold hands with your husband and walk away from me.’ These prompts allow plenty of room for your own personality and connection to shine through and make sure throughout your session you know exactly what to do in order to get those beautiful shots.

4. Forget Picture Perfect

Traditional family photos with kids is so difficult! Having everyone stand still, smile and look at the camera? I can’t think of anything more stressful, less natural and simply impossible! Lifestyle Photography embraces the chaos and beautiful mess of life, kids, love, family and captures it in the most stunning way.

5. Lifestyle Photography Newborn Sessions

It’s important that you know about how Lifestyle Photography translates to Newborn Photography. It is pretty different to Traditional Newborn Photography. Traditional Newborn Photography is highly decorated, babies are often put in tight poses and wrapped in very particular ways, requiring babies to be very sleepy and very young.

My Lifestyle Photography features baby-led posing with very little adjustments made. It is all about documenting the real way your baby is at this very moment. It is very safe, natural and minimalistic. Since it is not relying so much on a sleepy baby who is highly flexible and able to get into womb-like formations, any age of newborn is fine up until about 3 months. To get a better idea of what to expect in your Newborn Photography Session with Blury Photography, check out my Newborn Gallery.

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Hopefully that clears up some of the mystery around what Lifestyle Photography is. I want you to feel confident walking into your session with Blury Photography! Have questions? Wanna know more?
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Hey! I'm Courtney Blury of Blury Photography. If you're a big-hearted mama, looking to document the good moments then I am your girl x


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