Hey Friend,

I'm Courtney. You may be wondering what makes me a great fit for your family?

I’m the photographer for big-hearted mamas, mamas who have a sentimental side, who aren't perfect but doing their best, mamas who stay up late flicking through photos of their kids from only a few weeks ago and can't help but cry.

With two little ones of my own, whom I am obsessed with documenting, I know how to let the best moments unfold in photography sessions.




Let me turn your story into a tangible legacy


Like you, family photographs are the way to my heart. Let me show you some of my faves-

Photography gives me a great chance to travel around the place. I'm always happy to discuss sessions outside of SEQ, here's a peek at some of my travel plans to see if we could cross paths. This may reduce your travel fee! 

March - New Zealand
June - Sydney
August - Rockhampton

Travel Schedule

So, There you have it: my reason. I fell in love with photography after the birth of my first child, Daisy. I was given the opportunity (through an ill-timed redundancy haha) to create a new career path for myself and realising how much capturing these fleeting moments with my daughter meant to me, I wanted to do the same for other families. 

My approach to photography and family films is filled with connection, natural moments and a candid look. So that you can look back on your photos and remember your children as they were.

I'm hands-on enough during your session that you won't be feeling awkward in front of the camera, but leave plenty of room for the real stuff to come out. 

One more thing...

Did I mention I also teach mamas beginner photography? 

If you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera sitting and collecting dust, with little to no idea how to use it, and want to capture artistic moments of your kiddo's growing,

Find out more...

Meet the Team

You're gonna love them

Like anyone else, I can only be in one place at one time! I've had the opportunity to work with some very talented photographers under Blury Photography so that we can keep up with the local demand for heartfelt photography. 

When you are booking a session I (Courtney) will discuss who your photographer will be for your session. If you're looking for a specific date and I am unavailable then you may have the opportunity for a session with another one of Blury Photography's incredible photographers. In this instance I will still be preparing you for your session, editing your photos and delivering them to you. You can expect the same level of experience and quality. 

I'm a mama of two littles, Gin and Tonic enthusiast and love a good chat, and know my way around a sewing machine like nobody's business.

I'm naturally drawn to raw family moments.

Along with all our Blury Photography photographers, I am a Motherhood Photography specialist and offer family and Newborn sessions in a deliciously gentle and natural way.


Maddy has created some beautiful family portraits for Blury Photography's Families, check out some of her work.

My passion for photography started with capturing landscape and emotion, and when I was on Maternity leave I was asked by my friends to create some photos celebrating mother's day, and that is where my love of motherhood and family photography began.

I want families to feel a sense of joy and relaxation after their photos are created. Getting family photos doesn't have to be stressful! I find the best photos happen when a family is simply enjoying their time, and having a laugh.
 My favourite moments are when a family forgets I am even there, the space then allows real emotion, laughing, that little look after a child gives mama a kiss on the cheek. It's the little things. 

Motherhood means love, we sacrifice so much, yet everyday we turn up for our kids no matter what. That deserves to be celebrated and remembered.

And I'm Olivia!

Check out some of the work that Liv has created for Blury Photography's Families.