Preparing Kids for Photos (and babies!)

As a mum it can come down to us to think ahead about preparing kids for photos. I have first hand experience trying to align the cosmos to set up my own family photo session with a newborn baby. My desire for your photo session with Blury Photography is that you are as relaxed as possible! So, I have put together some tips for you to help you feel prepared and allow yourself to be fully calm walking into your session.

Before we jump in, allow me to put you at ease. If you’re worried about your kids running wild, not listening, throwing a tantrum (or experiencing “big feelings” as we call them in our household ha ha), its a-ok. As a photographer who regularly works with little kiddies I actually don’t expect your child/bub to be on their tip top behaviour. The opposite – I am expecting them to be in a situation they are not familiar with and that they will be working out exactly how to deal with this and perhaps which boundaries they can push. I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to still ensure your photos come out absolutely beautifully and that we have fun whilst doing it! I base my photo sessions around movement, incorporate games (which photograph super well), try to get lots of snuggly shots, allow time to settle if needed and let kids be kids. If for whatever reason things just go belly up and I can’t get the pictures I need, I am so willing to do a re-shoot (I always say this but have never yet needed to!).


I will send through a comprehensive Style Guide when you book. This takes you through tips and tricks on how to create a functional and cohesive look. To put your mind at ease it is great to bring a spare outfit, just in case things get messy! Remember though, I can make small edits to spills if needed.

Newborns and toddlers

I do aim to have some sleep time for your newborn during their photography session. This allows for them to get some settled photos on their own, on the special beanbag. It is important to remember that your newborn is the boss! I will follow their lead, but in order to have the best chance of sleepiness try your best to keep bubs awake for an hour + before their newborn session. Feed them as close to arrival as you can so they are ready to go down and sleep through their session. Ensure all little ones are fed prior to the session. This will help them stay focused and avoid the old ‘hangry’. For toddlers and kids you may want to adjust nap time that day to maximise their alertness and mood. Bring some mess free snacks (dry snacks!) with you in case they need a little perk up through the session.

If you have a pacifier for your newborn please bring it along. This is a great help with settling, even if they don’t usually take one.


Newborn, Baby, toddler Photography in Springfield, QLD, Augustine Heights, Preparing kids for photos

Any items which you are not wanting featured in your photos should be left out of sight. It may be hard to pry them away from little hands once we get started!

Give them a heads up

You can explain to your kiddos ahead of time what is going on, in an age-appropriate way. Give them a few days notice and say something to the effect of “We are getting some photos taken with Courtney, she will have a camera and ask us to do some fun things to get some great shots. Before the session we will get all dressed up and then drive to the location. After we are going to get ice cream all together!”

Arrive Early

Aim to be at the session at least 15 minutes early. This avoids the crazy stress mess of hurling down the road and blaming your partner for making you late! (Ummmm, I’ve never done that before.. not sure what you’re talking about!). Your children can also get used to the setting and let out some energy! Our session does depend on light and so it is important to be able to meet on time. Otherwise we may need to cut it short when the sun fully disappears. But, life does happen so just let me know if you’re running a little bit late. So, I’m not worried about where you’ve ended up!

If Things Get Emotional

We schedule enough time in our session to allow for a little break here and there if needed. But photos are not the time to be doing heavy disciplining. Roll with the punches and we will do what we need to make it fun!

If we get to the end of the session and it was an absolute nightmare where we couldn’t get ANY good photos! Then, we can arrange another time for a session (to date I’ve never had to do this).

Also, there’s no need to be embarrassed. I am in the middle of raising a toddler! So, I totally get it and it doesn’t phase me at all.

Now that you’re feeling a little more confident on preparing kids for photos, get in touch and let’s make magic.

Hey! I'm Courtney Blury of Blury Photography. If you're a big-hearted mama, looking to document the good moments then I am your girl x


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