Celebrating Mamas with Motherhood Photography

There’s so much wrapped up in what it means to be a mother. And all that deserves to be honoured with gorgeous motherhood photography. That’s why I love celebrating Mamas with Motherhood Photography!


As a Motherhood photographer, mama’s are my muse. You give, and give, and give, until there’s nothing left and then you give some more. All I want to do is capture that feeling of holding your whole world inside your arms. I want mamas to know that even on a bad day, they are the most incredible person in their little one’s world. A true constant. This time, leave your men at home and celebrate you, your body and your bond to your babies.


Mama, since you’re the one always taking the photos I want to ensure that for once you are the star of the show, in there holding your child. Not just so that you can look back and reminisce. But so that when your little ones grow, they can look back and remember what it felt like to be held by you.


I recently took a little time out to do some motherhood photography for some beautiful mamas around Tamborine Mountain way and oh my goodness. Just take a look for yourself (click to enlarge and see full photo).

I really can’t express how much celebrating Mamas with Motherhood Photography, means to me! Allow me the honour of capturing your motherhood journey. Invest in your memories – take a look at my packages Here

Hey! I'm Courtney Blury of Blury Photography. If you're a big-hearted mama, looking to document the good moments then I am your girl x