Brookwater Newborn Photography

I always love the chance to show off sessions which are held in my Brookwater Photography Studio Space. This particular session is full of cute smiles and tender-hearted moments. Check out this Brisbane Newborn Photography Session with baby Sofia.

Blury Photography’s sessions give timeless and natural newborn photography that you are sure to treasure for the rest of time. Imagine yourself in 10, 15, 40 years and looking back at these moments. I promise they will feel like a lifetime ago. But I am sure in one moment you can be transported right back. Back to the days of staying up all night listening for their breathing, the endless soiled nappies, the crying that sometimes feels like it will never end, the snotty noses, the delicious cuddles.

We look to make sure bub is the main focus of the session and we don’t use distracting props that detract from them. And the studio has everything you need including wraps and gorgeous lighting.

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Hey! I'm Courtney Blury of Blury Photography. If you're a big-hearted mama, looking to document the good moments then I am your girl x


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