5 Steps for an Unforgettable Cake Smash!

First birthdays are such a HUGE milestone! You’re probably asking yourself where the time has gone (like, ugh every single day) and experiencing all the feels, all at once. Believe me, I am right there with you. As a parent you want to steal every opportunity to be fully present and celebrate your little hunny. Whether you are doing a Cake Smash with loved ones, or as an intimate family affair because Covid-19 has rained on your parade, here are a few steps to help you have an unforgettable Cake Smash.

Cake Smash Photography Brisbane and Greater Springfield

1. Choose Your Cake Smash Location

Decide if you would like your session inside or out. A few things will come into consideration here.. will your smash take place at a party or just the fam bam?

One big positive to being outside is that the clean up will be greatly reduced. Just make sure you take the weather into consideration and lighting. So, if your smash is inside, we recommend clearing the room of anything you don’t want cakey hands to touch (but you’re probably fully baby proofed by this stage already!) Either way, leave the highchair and get that cake on the ground where it can be explored from each and every angle.

2. Pick a Time

You want to set up your Smash for raving success. Bub’s are usually most happy just after their morning naps and love it when their food routines are in order. It is a great idea to try to align the Cake Smash in the morning when they are just about ready for a snack and are well rested.

Pro Tip: Lighting is also great in the morning, indoors and late afternoon when outdoors.

3. Get Inspired, Gather Supplies and Get Set Up

Decorating is not everyone’s cup of tea, so let me say this – less is more! After all, the main focus is your baby getting their face right into that cake. Don’t let decorations take over the shot! You can gather inspiration from Pinterest, your photographer or your Facebook mummies group.

Find supplies to suit your budget. Don’t feel pressured to go over the top. You may even wish to pop some beautiful flowers from your garden in a vase or two and call it done. Don’t forget a striking outfit for your little love, one you don’t mind getting all caked up!

You may wish to get a helper to lend a hand with set up, especially with your little one in tow.

Cake Smash Photography Brisbane and Greater Springfield

4. Let There be Cake!

Have a think about what kind of beautiful cake you are comfortable with. You may choose to opt for a no sugar or reduced sugar option. Trust your own gut on this one. You can either purchase a cake or make one yourself. Check out our great Reduced-Sugar Chocolate and Banana Cake recipe!

You may need to help your little tike out if they aren’t as interested in the cake as… well… as you or I would be (ha ha!) If they don’t smash into it on their own, give them time, and maybe help them get their hands into it and smear a little around their lips. We came here to get messy and have fun after all.

Cake Smash Photographer Springfield Blury Photography

5. Happy Snaps – Document that Cake Smash!

You’re going to want to remember this one forever. Get an experienced photographer (or videographer.. or both!) to come alongside you so that you can get your head out of that iPhone and actually focus on what truly matters… your little love!

If your photographer can help you with steps 1 – 4 then you have found a keeper! Blury Photography have a range of Cake Smash minimal and on trend options which can include the set up and even the cake! Like the sound of that? All that is left is to….
Plan your Unforgettable Cake Smash with Blury Photography!

Hey! I'm Courtney Blury of Blury Photography. If you're a big-hearted mama, looking to document the good moments then I am your girl x


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