The Art of Breastfeeding Photography

Let’s dive deep into a topic that’s incredibly close to my heart – the art of breastfeeding photography. I’m Courtney Blury, and I’m here to tell you why capturing breastfeeding moments through the lens is one of the most beautiful and meaningful things you can do for your family.

At Blury Photography, we specialize in crafting authentic, emotive, and raw family-centric memories that will leave you feeling all the feels. If you’re a mama seeking a way to immortalise your breastfeeding journey and create tangible, heartfelt memories, you’re in the right place. Let me show you how breastfeeding photography can connect you to your little ones, and why I’m the perfect fit to help you tell your unique story.

The Magic of Breastfeeding Moments

Breastfeeding is not just about nourishment; it’s a profound connection between you and your baby. Those intimate moments of closeness, the feeling of their tiny hand on your chest, the loving gaze exchanged – these are the memories that deserve to be cherished forever. As a mama myself, I understand how these moments can feel like a fleeting dream. That’s why I’m passionate about capturing them.

I remember when my first daughter seemed to be weaning herself. I had heard someone say “you never know when your last feeding moment would be”, and I never wanted to forget our last time feeding together. So, I pleaded with her to feed just one more time (tears streaming down my face!!), and just soaked it in for the last time. Now that it’s over, I’m so glad I have so many photographs of us together, feeding.

Breastfeeding photography isn’t just about snapping a picture; it’s about preserving a chapter of your family’s story. It’s about turning those everyday, seemingly mundane moments into something extraordinary. These images will remind you of the love, strength, and tenderness that define your journey as a mama.

Embracing Imperfections

One of the things that make the art of breastfeeding photography so special, is its authenticity. This means, it’s not about perfectly posed, Instagram-worthy shots; it’s about embracing the beauty in imperfection. Just like, the little dribbles of milk, the tousled hair, and the sleepy, contented expressions – these are the details that tell your story.

As a mama, I’ve been there. I know that not every breastfeeding session is a picture-perfect moment. There are struggles and there are tears. However, there’s also an indescribable bond that forms during those moments of vulnerability. I’m here to capture the real, unfiltered, and raw essence of your breastfeeding journey, the way it is meant to be remembered.

Connecting with Your Little Ones

Breastfeeding is a unique opportunity to connect with your baby on a profound level. So, through my lens, I aim to capture not just the physical act but also the emotions that come with it. To capture, the love, the nurturing, and the unspoken words – all of these are brought to life in a breastfeeding photograph.

Having two little ones of my own, I understand the beauty of those fleeting expressions. Such as, the way your baby’s eyes light up with curiosity, or the comfort they find in your embrace. My experience as a mama has taught me how to bring out the best in your children during our sessions, ensuring that the moments we capture are genuine and heartwarming.

Celebrating Motherhood

Breastfeeding photography is more than just pictures; it’s a celebration of motherhood. It’s about honoring the incredible journey you’re on, the sacrifices you make, and the profound love you have for your little ones. It’s about telling your unique story through the art of photography.

As mamas, we often put ourselves last, focusing entirely on our children. While, breastfeeding photography is a way to shine the spotlight on you and your bond with your baby. These photos, will serve as a reminder that you are doing your best, that you are a beautiful, strong, and loving mother! Your story deserves to be told and celebrated!

A studio shoot with mum and bub cuddling each other.

Why Choose Blury Photography

Now, you might be wondering what makes me the right fit to capture your breastfeeding moments. Well, here’s a list of reason why:


As a mama, I understand the depth of emotions that come with breastfeeding. When I work, I approach every session with empathy and sensitivity. I also make sure to create a safe and comfortable space for you and your baby.


With years of experience in maternity and family photography, I know how to frame those precious moments in the most heartwarming way. I bring my expertise to every session to ensure your photos are nothing short of stunning.


I’m all about capturing the real, unscripted moments. You won’t find stiff poses or artificial smiles in my work. Above all, you’ll get authentic, genuine images that reflect your family’s unique story.


Photography is not just my job; it’s my passion. I pour my heart and soul into every session, ensuring that the resulting images are filled with love and emotion.


I take my work seriously, and that means providing you with a professional experience from start to finish. From planning the session to delivering your final prints, you can trust that you’re in capable hands.

Let’s make Art!

In the world of family photography, breastfeeding moments hold a special place. They are a testament to the love, connection, and strength that define motherhood. Through the art of breastfeeding photography, we can capture these moments and turn them into tangible memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

I invite you to reach out to Blury Photography and allow me to be a part of your journey. Together, we can create something truly special, that tells your unique story, something that leaves you feeling all the feels. I believe, your family’s memories are worth preserving, and I’m here to help you do just that.

See what magic I was able to create with this gorgoues breastfeeding mama!

I hope you were inspired! I would love to show you my motherhood galleries!

Hey! I'm Courtney Blury of Blury Photography. If you're a big-hearted mama, looking to document the good moments then I am your girl x


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