Prepare your Toddler for a Golden Hour Photography Session

Are you planning a golden hour photography session with your toddler? As a parent, you know that capturing the perfect moment with your little one can be a challenge, especially when it gets so close to bed time. But don’t worry – with a little bit of preparation and a lot of patience, you can get some amazing sunset photos of your toddler. Here are some tips on how to prepare your toddler for a sunset photography session:

Dress for Success

Choose an outfit that your toddler feels comfortable in. Comfort is key when it comes to happy toddlers. Pick an outfit that is weather-appropriate, easy to move in, and not too scratchy or restrictive.

Bring a Snack

Toddlers get hungry quickly, so make sure to bring a snack or two to keep them fueled and happy throughout the session. Choose snacks that are easy to eat and not too messy, like crackers or fruit.

Plan for Play

Toddlers love to play, so we make sure to involve your little one in what is going on! We will play catch and kiss, ring around the rosie, and have a ton of snuggles. There’s no sitting still and smiling at our sessions.

Stay Positive

Positivity is key when it comes to toddlers. Keep a smile on your face and use a happy, positive tone of voice. This will help your toddler feel at ease and more likely to cooperate.

Embrace the Chaos

Toddlers are unpredictable, so be prepared for some chaos. Don’t stress too much about getting the perfect shot. Sometimes the candid, messy moments can be the most beautiful.

Be Patient

Always do your best to be patient. Toddlers can be fickle, and they may not want to cooperate at first. Don’t give up! Keep trying, stay positive, and be patient. With a little bit of time and effort, you can capture some amazing sunset photos of your toddler.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to take on a Golden Hour photography session with your toddler. Let’s get going!

Here’s a few gorgeous shots from my recent session with Makayla and her family.

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