Ipswich Family Photoshoot – Pristash Family

When Nat showed up to their Family Photoshoot with a picnic basket in one hand and wooden platter in the other, I knew we would be creating photos which were very ‘them’. You see, the Pristash clan are the king and queens of hospitality. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to eat at their house you know you are going to leave with a lot of love in your heart, and even more food in your belly. And likely that food will have been beautifully presented on a platter. So it was completely fitting to see them weave that into their family photoshoot.

This was our second session together. I loved adding the food focus and activity added some variety to family photoshoots. You may see that many of Blury Photography’s sessions are with young families with toddlers and babies, who happen to grow up very quickly! So if you take photos every year they will always look very different. However, when the kiddos start to enter the teenage years, adding in an activity like a picnic style platter, or a campfire, can help your photos look a bit different from year to year! No groundshog day here my friend.

Why you should add food to your next family photo shoot

Food… who doesn’t love it! As kids get older they can become a little more conscious of the camera, and incorporating food into the session is such a great way to break the ice and make everyone a little more confident. It gives you something really nice and easy and natural to do with your hands, and means the kiddos (and mum and dad) can relax and focus on the conversation and connecting.

And you know what one of the teens at this session said? I promise, this is no lie!


Winning mama, Nat you did a great job with planning this one.

Take a peek at Nat and Nick’s Family Photographs and GET IN TOUCH to arrange your own session.

Oh and check out that very last photo of Nat… Stunnnnner.

Love what you see? Let’s make your next Family Photoshoot a reality x

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