Family Photo Shoots – Eme, Dominic + Family

Family Photo Shoots are full of the full spectrum of moments from the fun, to the tender, to the crazy, to the adventurous, to the wild. And the photos with Eme, Dominic and family were no exception!

Hidden away in my special Springfield golden fields spot, memories were made ! We started the session with a few more ‘traditional’ shots. Everyone standing and looking at the camera, which are the photos that a lot of people still love to see! Then, we got warmed up and threw in a bit more fun and silliness.

The sun was gorgeous and just drenched the family in golden light. Golden hour is my recommended time for family photo shoots for just that reason! Luckily, we had somehow avoided the rain which had been threatening every other day in the lead up to our session.

True to form, as soon as we had climbed up the little hill to the photo location, what do you think the kids saw. DIRTY SAND! Why? Because what could be more exciting. Mum and dad were excellent at spotting this and intercepted just before the kids started truly getting into the dirt. We all agreed that as soon as they had finished their photos, they could get right into that dirty sand and go wild. How fun! I think that provided just the right amount of incentive because the kiddos had a ton of fun and loved getting through their photos. Just in enough time to then get to have a bit more of a free play in the dirt. And they loved it. And yes, we did take photos! Take a look at the free play moment right at the end x

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Check out their family memories:

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