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How to prepare for your Brisbane Extended Family Photography session, including tips on coordinating outfits, choosing a location, and communicating with family members to ensure a smooth and successful session.

Tips for Preparing for your Brisbane Extended Family Photography

Congratulations! Whether you are the mama-to-be or planning this special celebration for your loved one, it is an exciting time to gather around friends and family for a baby shower. The first piece of the planning puzzle is determining where to host the special occasion. Is the mama-to-be dreaming of high tea delicacies and enchanted […]

Best Baby Shower Venues in Brisbane

You want photos to be enjoyed! Both when you are looking at them as well as when you are taking. Here’s my tips, as a professional family photographer, on how to make photo taking joyful for all involved

Tips from a Family Photographer on making photos fun for kids

It can feel like a big task to get your whole family ready for your photography session. Geez, it can even be a stressful time trying to get everyone ready to go grocery shopping! The dream is to be able to soak up each moment with each other, especially in front of the camera when […]

Tips for Relaxed Family Photos

I discovered that Maternity Photography didn’t exist really when my parents were having kids. In fact, as I was speaking to my own mum she explained that women would do everything they could to hide their bump under oversized clothing. How times have changed! Now we look around and celebrities (and even us normal people) […]

3 Top Reasons to Book Maternity Photography

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**Blog post may contain paid affiliate links, all software and equipment is true to what I use daily. This one is for the newbie photographers out there. Or perhaps you have been in business a little while now and are looking to shake things up, or refine your processes. Or maybe you are just curious […]

My top Photographer Gear and Software recommendations

Springfield Motherhood Photography by Blury Photography

Have you heard of Motherhood Photography? Also known as “Mummy and Me” sessions? Here’s why they are some of the best moment to capture. The bond between a mother and their little ones is just the sweetest. Of course it looks different for every person, and I love capturing that super unique bond. Very often […]

Why Motherhood Photography Sessions?

Lake Ipswich. Family Photography Outdoor Location Idea, Family by the lake

Outdoor sessions really add a lot to your family photos. Finding the right family photography locations which suit your family’s personality is key, and can really elevate your photos to look just spectacular! I spend a lot of my time finding the most gorgeous outdooor locations for your Family Photos to take place. Whilst this […]

Top 5 Outdoor Family Photography Locations

There are a lot of family photographers out there and unless you are already regularly getting your photographs made, it can be hard to know exactly what you want, and who will deliver those gorgeous photos you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure you find the best […]

How to Find the best Family Photographer

Print Sample for photographer in Augustine Heights, Courtney Blury

You don’t need me to tell you that photographs on your wall turn your house into a home. If you’re stuck on some creative ways to make photos a part of your home then come on in and get a few tips!

5 Steps to Display your Printed Photographs