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Hi Mamas! I’m Courtney, the heart behind Blury Photography, and today, I want to dive deep into a topic that’s incredibly close to my heart – preparing your older children for the arrival of a new baby. It’s a journey filled with emotions, adjustments, and a whole lot of love. Through my lens and my […]

Preparing Older Children for a New Baby

Oh, the joy of new beginnings – a tiny heartbeat echoing with promises of love, laughter, and a lifetime of memories. As mamas ourselves, we understand the profound significance of welcoming a new life into the world. Every baby shower gift is an opportunity to weave a thread of love into the tapestry of a […]

Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts in Brisbane

Isn’t it fascinating how life rushes by, sweeping us along its currents, as our little ones grow at the speed of light? Every giggle, every milestone, and every shared moment is a precious thread woven into the fabric of our lives. It’s these threads that create the tapestry of our family stories – stories that […]

Preparing for Your Extended Family Photos

Are you looking for a way to capture all of the amazing moments of your pregnancy and your new little bundle of joy? Well, have you ever heard of a bump to baby photography bundle? It’s an incredible way to document the entire journey from pregnancy to newborn.

Bump to Baby Photography

How to prepare for your Brisbane Extended Family Photography session, including tips on coordinating outfits, choosing a location, and communicating with family members to ensure a smooth and successful session.

Extended Family Photoshoot in Brisbane

I don’t think I could count on two hands, the number of times I have stayed awake for hours on end, scrolling through the photos and videos of my babies when they were Newborns. I don’t need to tell you that they take leaps and bounds forward in their development every day! As the days […]

Springfield Newborn Photography – Althea + Jon

Take a behind the scenes look at this pregnancy photoshoot, brisbane.

Pregnancy Photos Brisbane – Lucy

When Nat showed up to their Family Photoshoot with a picnic basket in one hand and wooden platter in the other, I knew we would be creating photos which were very ‘them’. You see, the Pristash clan are the king and queens of hospitality. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to eat at their house […]

Ipswich Family Photoshoot – Pristash Family

When Tiina got in contact with me to take her maternity photos I was so excited! Even though she has now moved to Sydney, she is such a loyal and beautiful client, and I felt so glad to be able to create her first family photos, when beautiful Aurelia was still in her belly. She […]

Botanical Gardens Brisbane Maternity Photos

Brisbane Portrait Photographer, Blury Photography Newborn photos in a Daisy field

It was your average Tuesday morning, I had woken up multiple times by my newborn and feeling pretty dazed. It was about 6AM. My hand reached over to my phone to check the time, and somehow I ended up on facebook. But boy am I glad I did. Blury Photography had been tagged in a […]

Newborn Portrait Photography – Amy + Nic